Can a Dating Site Really Get Me Laid?

In short, absolutely.

It's never stops being surprising for us here at that people still wonder about this after so many years. It's not like the internet hasn't been getting guys sex since it was invented! With online dating, and in particular, online hookup/ sex search sites, you have an organised system of millions of people using the web's full power for getting laid with no strings attached.

There are so many people who aren't looking for love and aren't searching for their soulmates but still struggle to get enough action through the usual pub/ club/ friends route. First of all pubs and clubs are expensive, so you can't go there every night! Secondly, they are quieter than ever with so many people choosing to drink at home. Thirdly, even if you do go out and find a busy place, you're not guaranteed to find single people you like and fourthly, if you do, they're not guaranteed to be interested in you. Finally, even if the stars align and you do get lucky, what are the chances of A) getting sex and B) the person not wanting more afterwards?


Online hook up sites remove that whole paragraph of confusion and uncertainty. Every girl and guy has signed up to be a member BECAUSE of the no strings sex opportunities. You cut right through the small chat and get to the part that matters. With such a great head start, it's no wonder that sex dating membership is growing faster than ever before.

Finding sex online is modern – it fits with our current society. Women are different now than when our parents or grandparents were young. Men are too. There is less emphasis on settling down early and less pressure to get married and have kids young. More and more people are leaving it later to get to the serious stuff and at the same time, people are more sexually liberated than ever before. This, my dear readers, leads to a perfect sex storm and at RudeDate we place you right in the eye of the twister.

RudeDate has a huge database of women and men that have signed up looking for flirtation and no-strings fun over serious relationships.

Can online dating get you sex? The answer is simple: with us it can.

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