The Secret to an Unforgettable One Night Stand: The Girls

Welcome to part one of our guide to the perfect one night stand experience. This part is for the women on our site, whether you're one of our many thousands of newbies that join us each week, or a long-standing member of the RudeDate women's club!

As a member of RudeDate, the leading online dating site for no strings meet ups, one thing you'll be faced with before too long is a one night stand scenario. After all, each of our members, female and male, signed up for that reason. Some of you may be well-versed in this area, for others it will be something completely new. No matter what your experience is in the area of one night sex, one thing is for sure, the success of a quick encounter can vary greatly from one hot night to another. Get it right and you'll have a night to remember and most likely give yourself a chance at a repeat date...and who wouldn't want a regular friends with benefits situation with someone who is a great fit for your personality and understands your rules?


Our aim is to provide you with a great selection of guys in your area to choose from and make your dates enjoyable and never, ever awkward! The best one night stands are the ones where the flirting, foreplay and NSA sex are what remain in the memory, not the cringy-stuff!

Rude Tips to Keep Your Hookups Hot & Spicy

Tips for all the single ladies:
  1. Not all men are just interested in the sex part. Even on RudeDate, where everyone here prioritises the one night stand over the typical dating experience, we still have members that actually want a bit of witty chat before (and after) the naughty fun!
  2. Don't be shy to take the chance to test some new things out with the guys you meet on RudeDate; bought some new lingerie and want to see the effect it has, give it a try! Have a fantasy or fetish that you'd never dare attempt with a serious boyfriend? Now is your chance!
  3. Go for a drink beforehand. Even if you've been chatting over messenger or getting personal on webcam chats, it's still best to meet up somewhere in person before hitting the hotel or bedroom. This lets you enjoy some serious flirtation, as well as getting a feel for (of) the other person before moving to the main event. The best one night stands last the whole night!
  4. Don't be scared to tell him what you like in the bedroom (or wherever you're getting frisky with your one night date!) Contrary to popular opinion, most guys do actually want to please you in bed. Tell your date what gets you going and makes you feel good, he wants to make you happy and you want to have a fun night...make the most of it!
  5. Remember not to expect him to pay for everything on the date if you meet up beforehand (as we recommend) or you're paying for a hotel. This isn't 1960 and although the guys here at RudeDate Towers always insist on paying when they take a fine lady on a date, it doesn't mean that every one of our male members will. If he offers to pay, it's up to you to decide on whether you'd like that or not – some of you will insist on 50/50 and some of you want to be wined and dined as part of the date night. But the days of men covering all costs as a default have gone, as sad as that may be...don't hold it against him if he looks for you to chip in!
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