The Secret to an Unforgettable One Night Stand: The Guys

Welcome to part two of our guide to the perfect one night stand. After providing advice for our female members, this part is for the men on our site who are looking to hook up with either some of the 1000s of new chicks that sign up each week to our dating site, or perhaps one of the longer term, more experienced members of RudeDate's women.

As a subscriber to the leading internet dating site for exciting, no commitment (NSA) meet ups, pretty soon you can expect to be in a one night stand situation. After all, every single one of our members, girls and guys, joined the site for that same reason. A lot of you will be used to this scenario and yet for others it'll be brand spanking new. No matter your experience in this particular area, one thing's for certain, the success of a no strings sex encounter can differ from one steamy night to the next. Play your cards right and you will not only have a great story to tell and remember during the lonelier nights, but you'll give yourself a chance at a repeat date...who wouldn't want a regular fuck buddy, right?


But Aren't All One Night Stands Amazing??!

In short, no, not exactly. Sure, no-strings attached sex is great, but some one night stands can end awkwardly. And then there is the 'walk of shame' to contend with. The best one night stands are the ones where the flirting, foreplay and NSA sex are what remains in the memory, not the cringy-stuff!

Rude Tips to Keep Your Hookups Hot & Spicy

Tips for the Rude Boys:
  1. Slow down cowboy! Your date is on RudeDate in the first place because she's looking for a hot night with a guy like you. You've persuaded her to meet you so the deal is as good as sealed. Don't mess it up now by being pushy or losing patience. Take your time and you're date will see you as even sexier for it, improving your chances of an amazing evening and some repeat business down the line ;-)
  2. Lay off the sauce! Getting laid is much easier if you can keep your drinking to a minimum. Sure, some of you will want something for 'Dutch courage' and we'd even recommend starting your sex date with a drink in a nice bar or restaurant. But if you want this to be a night to remember, make sure your drinking doesn't effect your performance! Besides, the drooling, glassy eyed fool soon that alcohol makes you could well undo all the chemistry and sexual tension you built up on Don't take the chance!!!
  3. No two girls are the same. Keep in mind that just because the last girl you hooked up with on our site wanted you to pull her hair and spank her doesn't mean the next one will. Women are FAR more complicated than men (you know this!) but that counts for double in the bedroom. Take the time to discover what your latest date likes, either beforehand on our chats/ over webcam or on the night itself. If you don't want to ask outright what she's into, learn to judge what she enjoys. Pay attention to her desires and turn-ons and chances are, she'll show her gratitude in the best possible ways.
  4. If the hot deed is happening at your place instead of hers or a hotel, then help her book a taxi for when he wants to leave. The walk of shame is not something a girl holds high on her bucket list, even if she has done it a few times before.
  5. Be a gentleman, not a jiggalo! Just because you met on the best no strings sex site going, doesn't mean that you have to treat her like just another customer of your irresistible meat truncheon. Or even worse, like you're the customer! This isn't prostitution, it's 21st century dating, where getting sexual experience and having some fun before you settle down is modern and friendly. Treat her like a princess and we'll bet she treats you like a king.
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